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Safety Management Services

Part Time/ Full Time/ Interim

Here is the problem:

Most companies with fewer than 200 employees simply can not afford to employ a dedicated, full-time safety manager. None the less, the OSHA compliance function is still required, and can very quickly become a significant and distracting problem for even those companies with a relatively clean safety record. Ensuring that your compliance programs are strong enough, and maintaining these programs in light of the constant changes can seem nearly impossible.

Here are the questions:

  • Are you completely confident that your safety policies, procedures and practices would hold up to scrutiny by OSHA?
  • Do you have someone on staff who could easily step into the role of a well trained, qualified safety professional; completely current with all OSHA related enforcement initiatives?
  • What if you could just "rent" a safety professional and have this person available when you need them?

Here is the solution:

The Part Time Safety Manager Services program from National Safety Services is designed to provide just this peace of mind.

This service is extremely cost effective, a mere fraction of the cost of having a full time safety professional on your payroll. Best of all, you get the services you need, when you need them.

Here is how our program works:

Given that your company's needs are most likely diverse and growing, we offer flexible service plans as the best and most cost-effective solution to bringing you a variety of safety services. We will commit to a specified number of days on-site with you each month, balancing your needs and helping to manage the progress of your safety program. Best of all, you can start or stop this service at anytime-there are no long term contract commitments.

If this sounds like an ideal solution to you, why not contact us for more information on this very popular service. Initial consultations are always free!




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