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Consultant Referral Network

National Safety Services LLC provides a variety of safety services to our clients throughout the general manufacturing, construction, utility and government industries on a national level.

Many of our clients have facilities in regions of the country that require our staff to dedicate valuable time to travel long distances. Often is the case that our clients would best be served if we had a local area resource to service their needs. At National Safety Services we are constantly building upon our nationwide referral network for other consultants looking for work in their region.

Is this something you would be interested in joining?

If so, we can establish a direct referral arrangement that can flow business both ways. The emphasis of this service is that we will find client work for you through a variety of means, and then channel these projects directly to you; you negotiate, contract and invoice the client directly. The beauty of this program is that we provide business opportunities for you with no upfront cost or fees.

In exchange for these referral opportunities we can work out a referral commission arrangement that you feel most comfortable with. Referral commissions are paid after you have been paid by your client. And of course, this can work in the reverse as well if you come across and opportunity that is not in your bailiwick we will pay you a direct commission on any opportunities that you provide that lead to a paid assignment for one of our other consultants.

All exchanges of information are highly proprietary, and will be managed with the highest regard to confidentiality.

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